Company Profile

   American Rigging and Welding was formed in 1995. We provide portable and shop service. Our clients include government organizations and commercial businesses.

   American Rigging and Welding has many years of experience working with engineers, scientists and end users to meet their specifications, which often need to be adjusted or changed in process.  We have experience in planning , designing and phasing of projects. Much of our work is performed during shutdowns or equipment outages. This aspect of our type of services makes completing projects on your schedule a priority.

   American Rigging and Welding performs work under general contracts, task order contracts or hourly rates. If you give us drawings and specifications we can price the job and develop a schedule. We have experience in hydronic and gas piping systems ; structural welding and unique fabrications.

Client List:

Naval Research Lab- Chemical Division

Facchina Construction

Naval Ordinance Station- Indian Head Division

Patuxent River Naval Air Station

US Army Corp of Engineers- Baltimore District

National Institute of Standards and Technology- Neutron Research

Hughes Associates

Bennett Mechanical

National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration

Burroughs Plumbing

Zimmer Environmental

Breeden Mechanical

US Coast Guard- Washington District

National Aeronautic and Space Administration